When one of electrical appliance stops working, panic sets in and people sometimes make the incorrect decisions about repairing or replacing their home appliances. The following question will help you to make a more informed decision about your kitchen appliance.

Just a warning of cushion electricity can be hazardous to your health when handled incorrectly.

Use the following checkpoints to analyze and troubleshoot your home appliance before you touch the unit.

 Check for visible defects;

1.      Any burning marks on or around the appliance.

2.      Check the wall plug if there is any signs of overheating or burning(black smoke)

3.      Make sure the power is off and then examine the electrical cord that feed the appliance.

4.      Did the appliance just stop working or has it been giving problems over a period of time?

5.      Is the power on?  Check if any power is getting to the appliance it self, is there a light on inside the oven, fridge or microwave etc which indicates that the unit has power in it.

Take another appliance that you know is working and plug it into the plug socket of the Faulty appliance that’s not working (to see if is a electrical current is at that point)
   Calling a professional appliance technician to come and tell you that your power has trip at the safety  switch or circuit breaker and then pay him a callout fee for the information is just not worth it at this stage.

                                      Is the water tap that feeds your dishwasher turn on?

6.      What was the last action the appliance preformed before it broke down? Was the washing machine suppose to drain its water (is the water still inside the washing machine? What was the microwave doing at the time when the problem occurred? A lot of times when the pot overcooks it tend to cause problems with the stove.

 Other factor to consider before doing the repairs yourself

7. Is it still under warranty? Most of the times the dealers want their appointed agent to check out the unit and if somebody else

    touches the unit, it makes the warranty avoided.

8. How old is this appliance?

    Has your model been giving you good service?

    Do you like your current model? 

    Are happy with you current appliance?

    The above questions are all reasons to have the unit repaired.

  Economical sense - is the next step to consider;

9.  Most appliances cost in their 1000’s and paying somebody a fee of +-10% of that value to give you a Quotation and a Assessment is worth it. Most repair guys will credit the quotation fee towards the repairs if you decide to repair the unit.

10. If the repair cost is less than 50% of the replacement value of a new appliance if is generally worth repairing the unit.

11. Ask the repair guy to have a look at the general condition of your unit, remember all the other parts are also old in your unit. Like;-

     Is there any signs of wear and tear in the unit like rust/water leakage

     Is the unit drawing more amp than what it should?

12. When Replacing the old unit ask the following questions

     Will a fee be charge for removing the old unit?

      What will it Costs to Installing the new appliance

      Fees to dispose of the broken appliance
    (these cost sometimes add up)

13. Do you need to do alterations to your premises to have new appliance fitted?

14. Will the new unit be more energy efficient –therefore saving you money over the next couple of years on energy bills?

Replacements Parts for your electric appliance.

           15. Is it still available? Sometimes it’s even harder to find parts for new models than for vintage electric appliances.
           16. Do you get it locally?

           17. What is the lead time to get the replacement part ordered?

           18. What price will the new replacement part cost comparing the cost of your appliance.

If you have gone threw this checklist and you still feel that it is worth keep your old unit . Good for you! (We  all can do our bit to save the planet).

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Sometimes the repairs will be successful other times not but at least you gave it a go! And also you have me to call if everything else fails.

All success with you repairs or new appliance

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